You found me!

Here’s the deal – I have no idea how to run a blog. I just know it’s something I want to do so here we go.
This will be a place to showcase my favorite photo’s I take, talk about issues that are relevant or interesting, discuss movies or music, basically whatever.

I hope that whoever is reading this is forgiving of me stumbling along for awhile. This is kind of an experiment to see if I can find a style to start to focus myself. This also is going to be some attempt at self-care.

As for logistics, I plan on trying to update at least once a week – maybe more. Some will be new pictures I take and some will be older ones from old archives but all thoughts are mine and all pictures were taken by me*

Thank you for taking the time to visit – I hope this doesn’t end up too embarrassing.

In the meantime have a picture I took in Virginia 2 summers ago



* unless otherwise specified


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