Peter and Taffy

Today instead of doing anything remotely productive during my two-hour break between class and work I instead decided to walk two miles up hill to take pictures of some flowers.


Best decision I’ve made in awhile. Today was a rarely warm and sunny day (until the end of the hike but more on that later) and when I was walking around I remembered why I wanted to move to Oregon in the first place.


I know this is the most cliche thing and believe me I am about as ‘millennial-addicted-to-my-phone’ as someone can be, don’t get me wrong, but spending the afternoon by myself with just my camera and occasionally some pretty flowers was really nice. I didn’t have any epiphanies and I didn’t really think about much I just saw a pretty flower and I took a picture of it.


Another fruit of my labors is this park I found near my university. It is about a one-mile walk uphill but it was worth it. Next time I’ll bring better shoes and a water bottle and take more time to explore around. It made me miss camping in a way I never thought I would.

I passed a very specific stream area that reminded me of when I was little and my family would go camping every summer. We would hike the same trail every summer to this rocky area with a waterfall and we would play in the water and climb the rocks, I remember taking my baby brother into the water when I was still a baby myself. I remember that being some of the happiest moments of my childhood. Because that campsite is in california and california is currently in the negative re. water the falls have dried up and even nature isn’t immune to time’s cruel hand, but seeing an area all the way in Oregon that reminded me of home brought up a nostalgia I haven’t felt in years.


The highlight of my walk, however, was Peter and Taffy. Taffy is this beautiful dog I met (I couldn’t get a picture because my phone AND my camera died- a modern photographer horror story I know), however, she was so beautiful and sweet. Peter was her owner, a sweet old man who was mowing his lawn with a manual mower, like, not electric. It was one of those things that you push and the blades spin because of physics not because of like modern technology. Peter mostly told me about Taffy but we also talked about the park near his house and the pictures I took (I couldn’t show him because, again, my camera was dead). I hadn’t really taken the time to just, talk to a stranger before and I know stranger danger and being a woman walking alone blah blah blah but it was nice to just, connect to someone new. And my camera and his dog were both great conversation points.


Anyway, long story short, I had a really nice time today. And even though its almost 1 am and I have a shit ton of homework I haven’t even started, I don’t regret taking the afternoon to do something that made me feel good and to do something I love that I don’t really have time to do very often.

I think this weekend I will bring my camera again and take picture of some of the flowers on campus, or maybe get a friend with a car to drive me back to that park. But anyway if you have been stressed or overloaded lately I suggest you just take a couple hours and do nothing, or do something you love. Not like watching a movie or reading a book or consuming some kind of media. Take a walk, try and find a new park or a part of town that you don’t know very well (of course be careful and make sure you are safe) but just exploring new places was a very healing experience for me. If you can’t get out of the house just taking the afternoon to do something fun like rearrange a bookshelf or go through some old boxes might be a good distraction or just taking time for yourself.

Anyway, if you do something for yourself this week or if you have any suggestions for me please let me know! I would love to hear it!

Always, with love





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